Road Food: Green Truck

Saving the earth, one salad at a time

At LA mag we are lucky enough to have a fleet of food trucks waiting to feed us just outside our Miracle Mile offices. Here we highlight the city’s grub on wheels.

The Truck: Look for a pea-green truck with bold orange lettering and the word “organic” plastered everywhere.

The Lowdown: The truck offers meals with organic, local, and sustainable ingredients without skimping on flavor.

The Peeps: Owner David Holtz and chef Marguerite Grifka use the vegetable oil they previously cooked with to fuel the truck, and cook in a solar-powered kitchen. Plus: they compost and use recyclable or compostable containers and utensils (wow).

The Loot: Cash and cards accepted.

The Goods: We eyed the menu and stumbled on items like the super food salad wrap, made with red quinoa, mushrooms, beets, carrots, cherry tomatoes and “goddess” dressing ($9), and the chipotle cheddar grass-fed burger with grilled onions and a house-roasted chipotle sauce ($10). We assumed the wild-caught fish tacos with cilantro-lime sauce (2 for $9) were the “it” bites because they had a giant red “sold out” slashed over their menu description (shucks). OK, we want the burger but not all the bun action.

The Verdict: By the time lunch rolls around we’re feeling pretty ravenous, but not totally self-destructive. Not only is the food pretty hip and healthy, but the people working the truck are too! When we told the guy behind the wheel we wanted the burger sans bun, he quickly offered us the Kale Yeah salad, complete with quinoa, mushrooms, beets, carrots and sesame seeds ($7), plus the grass-fed patty for an extra $3 to go right on top. The salad was colorful, filling, and delicious, and the burger patty was a hearty addition. We will be back, enough said.

Green Truck, 310-204-0477,