Road Food: Berlin Food Truck

Say cheese!

At LA mag we are lucky enough to have a fleet of food trucks waiting to feed us just outside our Miracle Mile offices. Here we highlight the city’s grub on wheels.

The Truck: Berlin Food Truck: Look for a big black truck with a huge cartoon sausage and grilled cheese sandwich.

The Lowdown: It offers American twists on traditional Berlin cuisine with zesty flavors and the gooiest of cheeses.

The Peeps: Owner and chef Ash Ayoub started rolling just six months ago and there’s already an impressive line of lunchers. Growing up as an army brat in Berlin, Ayoub wanted to fuse his childhood memories with his love of rich foods. He special orders his spices from Germany and tests all creations on his kids first. His motto: if they don’t like it, he won’t sell it.

The Loot: Cash and cards accepted.

The Goods: If you’re having a cheat day, this is your truck. From the curry chicken grilled cheese ($7) to the crispy schnitzel sandwich ($8), the menu doesn’t mess around when it comes to the lunchtime munchies. It even throws a little bone to vegetarians with a vegi tofu dog, dripping with cheese and a honeyed web of caramelized onions. With so many options, we asked the chef what to order. His quick response? Greek grilled cheese ($7).

The Verdict: We trust the chef. The bread was buttery, golden, and perfectly crisp—no soggy business. The inside was filled with gyro-style beef, creamy tzatziki sauce, and of course stringy melted cheese. The seasoning of the beef was spot on and the tzatziki breathed some freshness into the mix. A total guilty pleasure, we would probably order this at 2 a.m. after a night of bar hopping. Next time, we’re trying their currywurst.

Berlin Food Truck, 310-464-7390,