Red, White, and Blue(berry) Pies for the Fourth of July

When you want your flag in raspberry, boysenberry, and cream form

When it comes to the most patriotic holiday of the year, it’s OK to eat everything flag-colored, be it popsicles, cocktails, or Jell-O shots (don’t judge). But it’s also summer, which means berry and pie season are both in full swing. If you need a pie that pops for the Fourth of July party, picnic, or potluck this weekend, here’s where to go.


Cherry pie at Good Girl Dinette: Diep Tran holds her annual pie pop-up at the Highland Park cafe again this weekend. With super buttery, flaky crusts and fruit from local K&K Ranch, these are some of the best in town. The cherry pies are $40, and licorice peach is $30. And this year, all profits go to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Pre-order by calling 323-257-8980.

Strawberry pie at The Pie Hole: Both the Arts District and Pasadena locations have an entire flag’s worth of colorful pies for the holiday, but especially a bright red, fruit-filled strawberry pie. There are also blueberry, peaches and cream, and an apple crumble pies should you decide to go for the full red, white, and blue spectrum. The mini pies are $4.50 each.

Raspberry Pie at Du-Par’s: There’s hardly a berry that isn’t turned into a pie at this longstanding institution, but raspberry is definitely a summer treat. The pies are pretty classic: tender crust and lots of sweet fruit just begging for a scoop of ice cream. The Fourth of July is just as busy as any other holiday, so it’s best to order a day or two ahead. But if you drop in, there will most likely be something red (strawberry-rhubarb, gooseberry), white (apple, cream), and blue (blackberry, blueberry) to take home. $12.95 for a whole pie.


Apple Pie at Clementine: When celebrating ‘Murica, one must have an apple pie. “As American as an apple pie” is a saying for a reason. The pies at Clementine are pretty dreamy, especially the apple, which has just enough sweetness and spice. Pick it up by Friday for the weekend (both the Century City and Beverly Hills location are closed on Saturday). $12.95 for a small pie, $35 for a large.

Salted Honey Pie at Brite Spot: The Echo Park diner has a world of pies on display, which makes grabbing a slice as easy as… well, you get it. This one, a delicious sweet honey custard pie with sprinkle of sea salt on top, is a doozy for a picnic. Order 24-hours in advance for pick up. $35 for a whole pie.

Vanilla Cream Tart at Susina Bakery: While there are both red (cherry) and blue (blueberry) pies at the Beverly Boulevard bakery and cafe, the big seller for the Fourth is a vanilla cream tart topped with a flag made with raspberries, blueberries, and whipped cream. $32 for an 8-inch tart.


Blueberry at Valerie: The Stars & Stripes Pie is filled with market-fresh blueberries, strawberries, and vanilla cream and will be available at the Echo Park cafe and Grand Central Market stand throughout the weekend. Pre-ordering is a great idea; call 213-739-8149.

Boysenberry Pie at Pie ‘N Burger: The baked fruit pie is one of the more popular slices at the old-school Pasadena diner, and one of the few lesser-used boysenberry pies in town. For more bluish hues for the table, there’s also a fresh-fruit blackberry pie (whole uncooked berries) until peach pie starts next week. Whole pies must be ordered in advance for next day pick-up. $22 a pie, plus a $1 pie tin deposit, which you get back if you return the tin.

Triple Berry Pie at Village Bakery & Cafe: When raspberries meet blackberries and blueberries, good things happen. The pies are just one of the offerings for this weekend at the Atwater Village bakery. Yes, there are cookies and cupcakes dressed like fireworks, too.