Really??!! L.A. Live Edition


This is a first: New York is bringing Mexican to us. The 25-year-old Rosa Mexicano restaurant is coming to L.A. Live this August from the East Coast, where they have locations in New York, D.C., Miami, Atlanta, New Jersey, and Maryland. Apparently, the new 250 seat restaurant will also introduce the West Coast to such novelties as a “tortilla making machine,” “pomegranate margaritas,” and “tableside guacamole.”

Really L.A. Live??!! You had to go to New York to find decent Mexican? I mean, we get that you need a large, chain operation to fill that grey cavern of a space, but have you heard of El Cholo? Seems they could step up to la plancha. Is there anyone out there who hasn’t heard an Angeleno-turned-New Yorker lamenting the lack of great Mexican back East? I mean really!!