Read It Here First: What The Hot Knives Will Be Grilling This Saturday!



It’s here! This Saturday, the First Eighth Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational will be coating the asphalt of the Los Angeles Center Studios with cheesy goodness from noon to 6 p.m. And over the past three years, our vegetarian cooking pals the Hot Knives have exerted their gooey dominance over the competition, winning no fewer than five F*cking Grilled Cheese Champion trophies, making them the second most decorated grillers in the Invitational’s history.

This year, however, the beer-loving duo have opted out of the fierce sandwich battle. But worry not HK fans! You can still stuff your face with their demented dairy creations at the Hot Knives vendor truck, where Evan and Alex will be cooking alongside pro’s like Campanile and the Border Grill. But after seeing the trio of offerings the Knives will be slinging, We’re not sure Peel, Milliken, or Feniger stand a chance.

Revealed here for the first time, here’s what to expect from Evan George and Alex Brown this Saturday:

From the Knives: “True to our roots, we have painstakingly crafted three perfectly balanced sandwiches that we’ll be serving on Saturday. All of them are slightly weird and feature more exotic cheeses than most the other vendors would ever attempt. We call them “Band Camp,” “Lemon Sunn,” and “White Light/White Heat.” (their descriptions below).

To celebrate what has become the Coachella of Grilled Cheese, we took it one step further: Our sandwiches have stage times. We will be serving one sandwich at a time with posted times so that attendees can experience each sammich if they wish.”

Sandwich 1: “Band Camp”

Aged and bandaged cheddars and handmade apple butter

(think a warm, crusty slice of apple pie with a slice of white cheddar and salted caramel) 

Sandwich 2: “Lemon Sunn”

Bloomy rind sheep’s milk cheese and lemon oil

(think rich, oozing ricotta semen with a lemon curd burst)

Sandwich 3: “White Light/White Heat”

Goat gouda and homemade kimchi

(a salty, spicy yin-yang, and a neccesary extention of the kimchi taco that leaves you asking, is it the cheese or the grilled kimchi that’s funky?)

Bread, butter, cheese, victory indeed! Taste them for yourself this weekend.