The Ramen Pass: Noodles Lovers Get an Early Holiday Present

50% off ramen bowls from San Diego to Sacramento, Redondo to Vegas

I know, I know, it’s not even friggin’ Turkey Day yet, and I’m already yapping about gorging on bowls of ramen. But, if you’re crazy about ramen, you’re gonna be straight up certifiable when I announce this bit of news. Weekly LALALA, the Japanese entertainment paper, ramen festival organizer, and brainchild of insane 50% off ramen deals during their Ramen Week(s) promotion slash celebration is about to bring back the hugely successful—and potentially disappointing, if you’re not quick enough to snag the discounts before the ramen specials are sold out—Ramen Week event.

The inaugural Weekly LALALA’s Ramen Week this past summer was simple: visit a webpage, print coupons, go to participating restaurants, redeem, and slurp. This time it’s different: you need to purchase a $2 LALALA Ramen Pass at their website, but the possible savings is way more than the couple of bucks cost of the pass, cheap-o.

There will be over 80 different kinds of ramen offered at half-off. Sushi Boy H-Mart in KTown serves a Black Tonkotsu Ramen for $4.48 with the Ramen Pass. In Torrance, Ramen Izakaya Ajido will hand you a bowl of Garlic Black Shisen Ramen with Fried Chicken for $6.75, but only if you have the pass, and only if you get one of the 30 bowls allotted for that day. (Tip: Read the fine print on each coupon)

The year end LALALA Ramen Pass has an impressive reach of participants, from as far south as San Diego all the way up north to Sacramento with lots of L.A. and O.C. ramen houses in the mix. Even Las Vegas is part of the ramen action with four bowls being discounted.


When the turkey leftovers are gone and forgotten, ‘tis the season to be slurping, LALALA, during Ramen Week from December 1 to 14.


Weekly LALALA’s Ramen Pass webpage is live today!