Ramen Bull Series Pops Up At BREADBAR

Does a steaming bowl of beef tongue ramen sound a tad too adventurous for your liking? No worries—as long as you enjoy slurping up slippery noodles bathed in broth, you’ll dig the new “POPCHEF” Ramen Bull series starting Wednesday, June 8 at BREADBAR on West Third Street. Running through September, every Monday through Saturday, BREADBAR’s consulting chef Noriyuki Sugie, of Ironnori Concepts, will be serving the steamy noodle bowls to soup-hungry guests. Toppings are choose-your-own: Nose-to-tail beef options include bone marrow, oxtail, short rib, and spiced ground beef, while marinated poached egg and fried shishitou peppers will be offered for vegetarians. All ramen dishes will start at $11, with toppings ranging from $2-$8. Homemade ginger beer, root beer, pineapple and hibiscus tea sodas will also be poured for $5 a pop. Let the slurping begin!
8718 W. 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90048