R. J. Milano’s Waffle Sundae

Chocolate, fries, now this. Belgium crafts ice cream’s ultimate vessel

The Dish: Waffle Sundae
The Mastermind: owner R.J. Milano
The Restaurant: Shaky Alibi (7401 Beverly Blvd., L.A., 323-938-5282) 

Whipped Cream
“My great-grandmother taught me the secret to really thick whipped cream. Start with a metal bowl and whisk and put them in the freezer. Everything has to be ice cold.” 

Ice Cream
“When we’re not importing directly from Belgium, we try to stay local.” This small-batch ice cream is made to order in Santa Barbara and comes in espresso, sea salt caramel, and vanilla bean. Milano opts for slices over scoops. 

Spooned on top is your choice of Belgian chocolate or Belgian caramel. Feeling wild? Go for both.

Liege Waffle
No syrup needed for this waffle, which was created for Belgian royalty in the 18th century. The base for the sweet, dense wafer is a yeast dough, not batter, whose caramelized sugars give it a snappy crunch.

Photograph by Jessica Boone