Pumpkin Report: Lucifer’s Roasted Pumpkin and Prosciutto Pizza

Halloween may be over, but ”damn” if this pumpkin pizza isn’t scary good

A self-described pumpkin enthusiast, Edward Allen has spent years seeking out every variety of seasonal squash-flavored product, from body scrubs to bubblegum to beer. We asked him to be Los Angeles magazine’s official holiday pumpkin correspondent, and lend his gourd-spertise to some of the season’s most outrageous pie-spiced goodies. (Note: He’s also one of the founders of local PR firm Urban + Allen; unfortunately for him, none of his clients are pumpkins.)  


Think the pumpkin onslaught is over just because we’re past Halloween? Think again! These days we’re up to our spice latté-mustaches in squash-flavored stuff through Thanksgiving. (Even then, some of us celebrate the almighty gourd all year long.)

When I moved to Los Angeles a little more than four years ago, one of the first places I went to eat was pizza spot in Los Feliz called Lucifer’s. The company’s slogan claims that they serve “Damned Good Pizza!” and, as a recent New York Expat, I was in need of exactly that.

Even more fitting for me, they serve a roasted pumpkin and prosciutto pizza, which arrives with chunks of actual pumpkin, strips of prosciutto, pieces of roasted garlic, as well as fresh basil and spinach. You get to choose your preferred level of “heat”: zero, medium, fiery, or blazing. I went with medium—I want a kick, but I more want to enjoy the pumpkin.

Every year around this time I order this pizza for a group of friends—and everyone loves it. Good thing I put in my order just in time for the holiday festivities. (Even better, it’s on the menu year round).

Score: Four Jack-O-Lanterns (out of 5)

redarrowLucifer’s Pizza, 1958 Hillhurst Ave, Los Feliz, 323-906-8603