Project: Halloween Cupcakes


I took this idea last year from a blog whose name has escaped me. (I apologize if it’s yours!)

Step 1: Get as much crazy candy as you can
Anything goes. I just raided the candy aisle at Vons, but if you head to Munchies in West L.A. you could probably score some awesome little bits. I like to use marshmallows for making teeth and eyeballs.

Step 2: Make cupcakes
From scratch or from a box, it doesn’t matter. Try bloody red velvet, dark-as-night chocolate, or white-as-a-ghost vanilla.

Step 3: Make a simple frosting
Any recipe will do—something of the powdered sugar/butter/vanilla/milk variety. Once made, divide the icing into four bowls and dye one batch green, one purple, and one fleshy-colored with food coloring. Leave one large batch white.

Step 4: Frost the cupcakes and decorate
While the icing is still wet, use the candy to make spooky faces, monsters, or body parts.

Last year my friends and I decorated close to four dozen cupcakes, each one came out totally unique, equal parts adorable and creepy.

…Or if you’re feeling a little lazy, Akasha is selling cupcakes decorated like eyeballs, pumpkins, ghosts, and spiders.