Add These New Pizza Joints to Your Takeout Rotation

We know you’re loyal to your neighborhood pizzeria, but these new spots are worth a try

The pandemic has been a boom time for pizza. It’s the quintessential delivery and takeout food, plus it’s comforting and familiar in strange times. And that might explain why over the last year or so, even when the overall restaurant business has struggled, a bunch of new pizza delivery places have opened in L.A. Some are totally new pizzerias, others are pop-ups or new concepts at restaurants that have pivoted to pizza, but each has its own take on the classic. If you’re ready to mix up your usual pizza night, try one of these.

De La Nonna

Silver Lake


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This pop-up has recently taken up a weekly Tuesday night residency at Melody Wine Bar (aka you’ll want to grab a bottle of wine when you come by to pick up your order); keep an eye out for other locations. The pizzas are a thick–though remarkably airy–focaccia crust style, topped with the classics. Melody Wine Bar, 751 N. Virgil Ave., Silver Lake. Order online.

Thanks Pizza


This quirky pizza place with an adorable–and polite–logo opened last autumn. Owners boast that their pies, which have toppings from basic pepperoni to cheeseburger, mashed potato, and pumpkin, are “not your boring, ordinary pizza.” 450 S. Western Ave, 305 FC-1, Koreatown. Order online.

Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co.

Boyle Heights

Chef Mario Christerna’s new pizzeria was designed as a gathering place for the community, with food, drinks, and music. But opening mid-pandemic means, for now, focusing on pizza delivery and takeout. He’s got some fun versions, like a mole pizza with queso Oaxaca and curtido, along with more traditional pies. Fries, wings, and Flaming Hot Cheetos nachos are also on the menu. 2706 E. Cesar E. Chavez Ave., Boyle Heights. Order online.

Quarter Sheets


Self-identified as “Glendale’s number one least authentic Detroit-style pizza,” Quarter Sheets popped up late last summer with their own spin on the super-trendy regional pizza style. Expect thick crust outlined in crispy edges, plus market-driven toppings. Don’t sleep on the weekly dessert offerings from pastry chef Hannah Ziskin, formerly of M. Georgina, a partner in the project. Pickup location in Glendale provided after order. Order online

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