3 Pear-fect Dishes to Try Now

Pears add sweetness and unexpected texture to these seasonal dishes

Apples get much of the glory when it comes to fleshy fall fruit, but pears can really elevate a dish, adding unexpected texture and flavor. From salad course to brunch, here are three dishes from some of L.A.’s favorite chefs, highlighting all the deliciousness that this in-season fruit has to offer.

Coconut Ceviche Tostada from Corazon y Miel
The pan-Latin menu at this Bell gastropub changes daily, and one of the most intriguing plates to pop up this season is the Coconut Ceviche Tostada. In addition to raw shrimp, grouper, toasted coconut flakes, and coconut lime vinaigrette, diced sand pear is added to the mix.  “Using pears balances the citrus in the dish. Sand pears make a great vessel to carry the ceviche marinade while giving off an amazing crunch and light sweetness,” says chef Eduardo Ruiz.

Corazon y Miel, 6626 Atlantic Ave, Bell;(323) 560-1776

Pear French Toast from M.B.Post
Chef David LaFevre has a way of taking decadence to artisanal heights. Case in point: this french toast, which is essentially a brioche and ricotta sandwich dipped into egg batter and browned in butter. The pears that top the dish—they’re cooked in butter and honey—are from Ha’s Apple Farm, which turns out some of the best Bartlett Pears you’ll find in town. A sprinkle of candied almonds is added for good measure.

M.B. Post, 1142 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach; (310) 545-5405

Autumn Persimmon & Pear Salad from Little Beast
One of the best things about living in Southern California is that you can get a nice salad with locally sourced produce all year ’round. In Eagle Rock, Little Beast’s persimmon and Asian pear salad with endive and pecan persimmon vinaigrette is a celebration of this perk. “The flavor notes and texture of pecans with the lightest and brightest bounty of Southern California Farmers was the inspiration of this salad. Invariably, at least one guest at every table will order one,” says chef Sean Lowenthal.

Little Beast, 1496 Colorado Boulevard; (323) 341-5899