Peak Season: Persimmons

Like it or not, fall has arrived.

Sometimes, the only way to tell that the seasons are changing in L.A. is to stroll through a farmers’ market. Just as summer’s last plums ripen, persimmons—from yellow-orange Fuyus to vermillion Hachiyas—begin appearing at markets and on finer grocers’ shelves. This weekend, find hardy Fuyus at the markets in Santa Monica, Atwater Village, and Hollywood. The squat fruits aren’t just picturesque—they’re great eaten out of hand. Add a few firm wedges to a tomato salad or consider drying thin slices of the fruit in a low oven. Actor Bill Pullman, from The Fruit Hunters, says Fuyus turn into something “like candy” when dried. Soon, Hachiyas will ripen enough to be picked, at which point we’ll head to Sqirl for a square of Jessica Koslow’s steamed persimmon pudding.