Peak Season: Heirloom Tomatoes


Photograph courtesy Flickr/John_Morgan

Striped, bumpy, and cracked, or perfect golden spheres, heirloom tomatoes are our juicy reward for waiting out the gloom of early summer. Many of us are growing these fleshy fruits in our yards, but it’s amazing to see the variety available at the market this time of year. Don’t worry about names–there are hundreds. Sample several, and don’t let a few ruddy gashes scare you off.  “People think the seeds are garbage, but the seeds are another beautiful, tasty element we can work with,” says José Andrés, the acclaimed Spanish chef behind the Bazaar at the SLS Hotel. Cubes of crusty bread will soak up the flavor-ful pulp in a rustic panzanella. We like the whole tomato sliced thick and sprinkled with a little salt.