Peak Season: Bosc Pears

Easily bruised, often berated, a ripe bosc pear is a thing of beauty.

Is the Bosc pear autumn’s most sensual fruit? Ending at a graceful stem, its curves mimic those of the female form. Unlike the more common leaf green colored Bartlett pear, Boscs come in shades ranging from army green to drab brown—their beauty lies inside. While an unripe Bosc can be bitter, a few days later it will be honey sweet. When its exterior yields to a finger—don’t poke too hard, or you’ll puncture the thin skin—it’s perfect for eating out of hand. Like summer’s juiciest peaches, you might want to be standing over the kitchen sink when you take your first bite. Frog Hollow Farms at Santa Monica’s Wednesday and Saturday markets is selling some beautiful Boscs this month and next. Slice up the firmer ones to toss into a fall salad with toasted hazelnuts. The fibrous flesh will feel meaty next to red and green lettuces. In Manhattan Beach, chef David LeFevre likes to poach Bosc pears and serve them alongside French toast with chestnut honey. More in Peak Season at