Pastrami Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Real, and They’re Coming to Coolhaus

The frozen treat brand finds their latest inspiration in Jewish deli classics

If your pastrami-on-rye cravings run deep, mazel tov! You’ll soon have another place to get your fix: Coolhaus. Yes, Coolhaus. The L.A.-based ice cream brand from Natasha Case and Freya Estreller is set to launch their latest series of sandwiches—previous inspirations have included the 90s and the TV series Dexter—based on Jewish deli classics.

“It all stems from a realization I had the day of my bat mitzvah! Sort of,” says Case.

While some of the new sweet and savory treats make perfect sense, employing deli darlings like the black-and-white cookie and hamentaschen (those jam-filled triangular cookies), others seem a little more unlikely. Namely, pastrami ice cream, which is made with real pastrami—carmelized pastrami, but pastrami nonetheless—and Sir Kensington’s Special Sauce, a mayo in the remoulade tradition. They’ve even whipped up a Marble Rye cookie (a chocolate and vanilla whoopie sprinkled with caraway seeds) to top it off in “true” reuben style.

A black and white cookie with cream cheese and rye ice cream
A black and white cookie with cream cheese and rye ice cream

Photograph courtesy of Coolhaus

Sound weird? No doubt, and Case admits that the idea was a tough sell.

“I had most of the team in disbelief that these flavors wouldn’t just cause intrigue, but actually be good,” she says. “I mean, cream cheese and rye, latke, pastrami ice cream? But when we all tasted them, they worked. They called me a mad scientist!”

Actually, the potato latke doesn’t sound that crazy to us. The base is made with Coolhaus’ Baked Apple ice cream and salted shoestring fries to mimic the traditional pairing of potato pancakes and apple sauce. There’s also a cream cheese and rye ice cream punched up with mascarpone and rye cracker swirls.

The hamentashen-inspired cookie has a cherry filling
Sprinkled with sugar, the hamentashen-inspired cookie has a cherry filling.

Photograph courtesy of Coolhaus

With three cookies and three ice creams in total, some of the Jewish deli menu items—the black and white cookie and the hamantaschen—are currently available at Coolhaus’ Culver City and Pasadena scoop shops while the others, including the rye cookie and all the ice creams will debut in September. And if meaty ice creams don’t appeal to you, the company just released a plant-based collaboration with cold-pressed juice company Clover, making green juice ice cream a thing. Now, that’s some chutzpah.

Coolhaus, 59 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, (626) 486-2700; 8588 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, (310) 838-5559