4 Easy Ways to Spice Up the Pasta in Your Pantry

L.A. chefs share simple ideas to make pasta night exciting again

Bored by the all that pasta in your pantry? Top chefs share simple tips for spicing up spaghetti.



Mix lemon juice with grated Parmesan, olive oil, black pepper, and parsley, advises Steve Samson of downtown’s Rossoblu* and Superfine Pizza*. “The acid from the lemon breaks down the cheese proteins, creating a really cool texture.”



Make a paste of chopped anchovies, minced rosemary, garlic, and a neutral oil
and toss with pasta. “It has an amazing flavor,” says Michael Teich of West
Hollywood’s the Nice Guy*, Petite Taqueria*, and Delilah*.

Canned fish


Quickly sauté chopped canned sardines or anchovies with garlic and chili flakes, then add some canned tomatoes for a simple sauce, recommends Chris Flint, executive chef at Maude* in Beverly Hills

Peanut butter


Herve Guillard at the Institute of Culinary Education, suggests simmering a can of coconut milk and half cup of peanut butter with some soy or fish sauce, ground cardamom, and whatever veggies you have handy. It’s “a pantry take on Thai peanut curry.”

*Restaurant is currently offering takeout and/or delivery

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