Best Restaurants 2022: Our Favorite Dish

The Etta entrée consists of whole grilled lobster stuffed with bubbling shrimp, king crab, and lots of love

The menu at Etta—the first L.A. restaurant from Chicago mega-chef Danny Grant—is full of exciting, splurgeworthy experiences. This $155 shareable lobster “picnic” is the standout. Have a look.

(Photo by Frank Wonho)

A two-level tower of accompaniments is topped with naan-like bread and lettuce cups to serve as the vesssels for diners to make luxurious, DIY seafood wraps.

(Photo by Frank Wonho)

The tower’s bottom level is a bounty of flavorful delights, including a number of spicy surprises: sunflower seeds are paired with guajillo chiles while a smashed cucumber salad has both Sichuan peppercorns and pickled Fresno chiles.

(Photo by Frank Wonho)

A whole lobster and a pound of king crab legs are cooked on the hearth, right above the embers, giving the dish a smoky flavor. Ten spicy, bubbling shrimp get a punch of umami from Italian fish sauce.

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