Oscars Restaurant Power Rankings: Where to Eat after the Awards

When the ceremony is over, it’s time to gorge on burgers and pizza before heading to Chateau

Win or lose, the end of the Oscars means it’s time for the stars to let it go. They can loosen their clothes and stop worrying about regular fittings and looking perfect and listening to their managers, agents, stylists, and publicists. Whether they’re celebrating a victory or railing against the injustices of not having a statuette, they can indulge. They can go H.A.M. and eat ham. Is it no wonder that there’s so much decadent comfort food and so many desserts at the Wolfgang Puck-catered Governors Ball?

Beyond that spread, the feasting should take place at all kinds of restaurants and hot spots in L.A. But forget fancy tasting menus. Don’t even think about elaborate plant-based cuisine. This is about the stars eating what they really want to eat, what they might have denied themselves for a while.

Here are our power rankings of the top 10 places to gorge after the Oscars.

1. In-N-Out Burger
A Double-Double and Animal Style fries are the obvious choice for both winners and losers. It helps that there’s an In-N-Out on Sunset Boulevard less than three blocks away from the Dolby Theatre. Ang Lee and Adele have both celebrated Oscars victories at In-N-Out. Bill Murray is a huge fan of the burgers. And also, Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sundays, making In-N-Out the clear fast-food favorite after the Oscars.

2. Astro Burger 
Hillary Swank has rolled into Astro Burger on Oscars night more than once, including after her second Best Actress victory. We’ll forgive her for her preference for veggie burgers, and just add that this fast-food restaurant is a celebrity favorite: Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel once left a GQ Oscars party and headed to Astro Burger.

3. Chateau Marmont
You know how this works. This is where so many stars end up night after night during awards season. We’ve heard stories about people with statuettes walking in and realizing that they need to ask if they can share somebody’s patio table. So try to get a table or sneak your way into a seat early, and hold court all night. Just being here on Oscars night will make you seem important. We’re told that there’s no special party scheduled for Sunday yet. But this is Chateau, so that could change last-minute. And, either way, don’t be surprised to see nominees waiting for the bathroom.

4. Sunset Tower
The Vanity Fair party isn’t here anymore, but this is still Sunset Tower, where the Terrace and Tower Bar still feel like home for A-listers. It’s like Chateau. Even if nothing is technically going on, everything is going on.

5. Mozza
Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris is a food lover (a regular at Ink., among other L.A. spots), so if he wants to order pizza during the Oscars like Ellen DeGeneres did last year, he probably knows that he can look beyond Big Mama’s & Papa’s. There are a lot of good options not so far from the Dolby Theatre, from Stella Barra to DeSano Pizza Bakery. (Not to mention that there are apps that will bring you almost anything from anywhere.) But Mozza, always a favorite of Hollywood types, will likely own the night for carb-loving celebrities after the Oscars.

6. Petit Trois
There are just 22 seats at Ludovic Lefebvre’s bistro not far from Mozza, so it might be a battle to get a croque-monsieur. But a late-night, willfully unhealthy sandwich could feel like the whole point of Oscars nights for those without a statuette.

7. Crustacean
The Vanity Fair party is moving to Beverly Hills, but many nearby restaurants that would seem like obvious places to go after nearby are closed for events or closed on Sundays. So you can eliminate Spago, Scarpetta, Bouchon, Nic’s, and Cut from your calculations. Crustacean, which has a separate entrance for VIPS and a “secret kitchen,” could sell a lot of garlic noodles on Sunday.

8. Culina
This elite restaurant at the Four Seasons is our top pick for seeing celebrities during Sunday brunch. It’s a decent bet for post-Oscars fun, too.

9. Spaghettini & the Dave Koz Lounge 
It’s next to Spago and across from the star-laden Montage Beverly Hills. It serves pasta. It has a stage and a tricked-out sound system that could work for an impromptu jam session after the Vanity Fair bash. It’s worth a shot.

10. The Apple Pan
One year after losing, Dustin Hoffman walked out of the Oscars and declared he was going to The Apple Pan. If you’re seeing a pattern involving burgers on Oscars night, congratulations, you’ve figured it out.