On the Oscars Menu: Wagyu Steak for Bradley Cooper, Chicken Pot Pie for Barbra Streisand

Wolfgang Puck dishes on what the stars are looking forward to eating on Sunday

It turns out that some movie stars really do eat.

“I know already that Bradley Cooper wants to get the wagyu steak from Snake River Farms,” says chef Wolfgang Puck, who will be catering the Governors Ball after-party on Oscars night for the 21st straight year. “He already said that he hopes we have that steak. Barbra Streisand already told me she’s coming for a chicken pot pie with truffles.”

Puck adds that he’s excited to see Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood, “two of my favorite directors,” and that Leonardo DiCaprio “loves a tasting menu.”

Puck has been an Oscars fixture even long before he started cooking for the Governors Ball. Spago’s opening party in 1982 was an Oscars party, and super-agent Swifty Lazar would later throw several Oscars bashes at the restaurant, bringing in guests from Cary Grant and Liz Taylor to Jack Nicholson and Madonna.

So Puck has made decades of memories and cooked for and eaten with so many of the world’s most prominent stars on Oscars night. Here are some highlights:

  • “I remember Julia Roberts came back in the kitchen. I think she got lost and then hung out for a while and ate with us.”
  • “The gold foil-wrapped potato with caviar is one of George Clooney’s favorites.”
  • Ryan Seacrest, he likes good food, he came into the kitchen and ate potatoes with caviar. He already told me hat he’s coming in the kitchen to get his food this year.”
  • “I remember when we did the party Downtown at the Shrine. We also did a party at Spago. I was like, Oh my God, how am I going to come from there to Spago? It’s going to take too long on the road with all the limos. I hired a helipcoter. We flew with Pierce Brosnan and his wife, he played James Bond at the time. We landed close to Spago. It was amazing, the pilot went in between the buildings in Los Angeles. I felt like I was part of a James Bond movie.”