Oscar Munchies: The Secret Snacks Served During the Show

Because it wouldn’t be a Hollywood party without lox

A lot is made of the elaborate feast that Wolfgang Puck whips up each year for the Oscars Governors Ball. But it’s a little-known secret that the post-show meal is not the only grub consumed by those in search of a Golden Statue. Before the first envelope is opened, elaborate hors d’oeuvres prepared by team Puck will be passed around at a lavish reception. (True story: Even celebrities wait by the door to pounce on servers coming out with fresh trays.) Among the celebratory nibbles are bagel chips with dill cream and smoked salmon, a tomato caprese skewer, shrimp cocktail, crudité, and homemade potato chips.

Even during the show it’s possible to score a bite. (Some of those gals haven’t eaten since December, after all.) The bars at the Dolby Theatre will be complete with little packaged nibbles for nominees to nervously snack on or to fuel an emotional eating binge. Benedict Cumberbatch might just need a packet of Asian trail mix, chips, or a portable crudité cup to cushion the blow of his Best Actor loss. (C’mon, we all know it’s going to Keaton.)

Break a leg–not a tooth–everybody.