Operation Bombo Drop

Mark Peel gets ready to cook in front of his customers at Grand Central Market

“The fun part is being more hands-on,” chef Mark Peel says when we ask him how Bombo, his seafood stall opening in March at Grand Central Market, differs from his former digs at the iconic Campanile. “Here, I’ll be cooking right in front of people. It’s going to be far more direct.”

You say the menu is broth-based. What does that mean?
I take curried shrimp cream, spicy lobster bouillabaisse, a vegan broth based on mushrooms and kombu, and a double-enriched chicken broth, and from that base I can branch out and do a million different things very quickly. At Grand Central Market it’s got to be fast.

What’s a bombo?
The word is very rhythmic and energetic. It refers to a Spanish drum that’s loud and celebratory. These flavors will be bold, straightforward, complex, and not mild by any means.