One Smooth Carrot


Fresh from the Herb Wesson newsletter we find the photo of the day! The District 10 councilman is seen here christening his namesake smoothie alongside Peggy Hill (no relation to Peggy Hill), owner of South L.A.’s newfangled fro-yo spin-off, Newberry Hill. (Sorta like Pinkberry meets Fats Domino meets Ms. Hill.)

You wouldn’t find a carrot-flavored smoothie at Pinkberry, that’s for sure (nor, I suspect, a yogurt-like concoction named after a local politician). And that’s sort of the point. Hill also carries varieties like sweet potato and avocado. Because it turns out there actually IS one place left in L.A. without a Pinkberry, and it’s South L.A.

And stop me if I’m wrong, but with these warm temps doesn’t a carrot smoothie—sorry, a Wesson’s Smooth Carrot—sounds pretty darn good right about now?

Newberry Hill Frozen Yogurt Gallery
5001 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 932-8888