On Screen Cuisine: How To Cook Like John Sedlar


Youtube’s TASTED channel has been all up in L.A.’s business lately, posting snazzy videos from local writer/bartender/manager/restaurateur Noah Galuten (now dubbed the “Food Feeder”) and area chefs like Ricardo Zarate, Antonia Lofaso, David Lentz, and more. The latest Webisode focuses on the “Star Chef Secrets” of modern Mexican master John Sedlar (Rivera, Playa).

What kind of secrets? No, there’s nothing funny growing in Playa’s rooftop garden (we think). Sedlar spills everyday kitchen tips like using a paper bag to skin charred chiles, judging meat doneness by touch, using sharp scissors to remove roe from sea urchin, and plating delicate items using surgical tongs. Sadly, there’s no word on how to get barman Julian Cox to stand in your kitchen making cocktails all night. Some secrets, it seems, are worth keeping.