Oh My Snack: Savory Ramen Chocolate Bar


This seems like a good idea, right? A ramen chocolate bar? Uncooked ramen noodles could add the same crunch to chocolate as, say, puffed rice, pretzel bits, or nuts. Plus, it’s ramen: a professional foodie’s kryptonite—we’re powerless against it. So where does a treat that fuses ramen and chocolate go wrong? That would be the addition of onion and garlic powders. See, Komforte Chockolates bills itself as the savory chocolate company. And hey, we’re all for desserts that skew savory, like sea-salt caramels and olive oil cake. But onion and garlic in chocolate? For the record, that’s a big, fat no.  

The ramen noodle crunch bar is a solid idea on its own, though, and it looks like the West Coast company makes a sweet version, as well. That one could be a winner.