Oh My Snack: Bacon Pop Tart from C+M, New Today at LACMA


Today saw the opening of Patina’s new C + M, or  Coffee and Milk, a “chef-driven coffeehouse” located on the grounds of LACMA, which just so happens to be across the street from the Los Angeles magazine offices. (Hooray!) We felt it our professional duty to do a little reconnaissance, by which we mean gorge on pastries at four in the afternoon. Among the desserts now swimming happily in our tummies are a chocolate cream sandwich cookie that will forever haunt our dreams, a blackberry hand pie that was more tart than sweet (aka just how we like it), and one big surprise: The bacon pop tart.

Our thoughts: Very bacon forward—maybe too much so. Where normally desserts that skew savory float our snacktime boat, this one had us feeling a little seasick. But then again, we’ve had some mixed feelings on our culture’s bacon obsession, lately. It might just be your cup of pork-infused tea.

We have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot of quality time with our sweet new neighbor across the street. (In other words, we’ll see you tomorrow.)