Oh My Lunch: Fritzi Dog


Date: 10/25

Time: 1:00 p.m.

Place: Neal Fraser’s brand new Fritzi Dog at the Original Farmers Market

Dish: Four taster dogs including the beef, pork, and merguez Fritzi Dog on the Parker bun, an all-pork Porker Dog on a brioche bun, a duck and turkey Bird Dog on a gluten free bun, and a beef and pork Stadium Dog on a pretzel bun. Oh, and a 50/50 side of tater tots and french fries.

Price: The two-tasting-dog combo, which comes with a side and a drink, costs $14.50. The two additional tasting dogs were $9.50.  

The Verdict: The spot is adorable and the taster dogs option is a great idea, if an ordering nightmare. (Too many choices + hungry tourists = serious indecision holdups at the register.) All the wieners had fabulous flavor, but I missed that casing snap, which apparently Let’s Be Frank has some kind of local monopoly on. My favorite was the beef-pork-merguez Fritzi dog by far, with the spicy Bird and juicy Porker tied for second. Buns are house-made, which I appreciate, but I think the hype about them is unwarranted. They did the job—no more, no less.