No Rest for the Weary


Everybody’s workin’ on the weekends—including me. That is, if by "work" you mean tasting more than 30 miniature cupcakes from some of L.A.’s top bakeries as a “celebrity” (a loose term here) judge in the first ever Cupcake Challenge. The goal: crown the city’s best cupcake—both traditional and non. It takes place this Sunday from 1-4 p.m. at the Montmartre Lounge in Hollywood.

So, what could possibly wash down three-hours worth of frosting consumption? Why, wine, of course. Lots and lots of wine—free for the guzzling. Yes, for THIS I agreed to sacrifice my Sunday. Anything in the name of baked goods.

Here’s the list of participating bakeries, some boutique, some not so much. I won’t tell you who I’m rooting for. My objectivity is VERY important. This is serious business…

Lark Silver Lake Cake Shop
Essential Chocolate Desserts
Hot Cakes
Vanilla Bake Shop
Baby Cakes
Sugar Jones
My Little Cupcake
Violet’s Cakes
The Oinkster
Lucky Devils
Yummy Cupcakes
Mrs. Beasley’s
Famous Cupcakes
And more…

You’ll have my full report on Monday. Or you can come and judge yourself. No “celebrity” required.