No More Farm-to-Fridge: Good Eggs Shuts Down its L.A. Operation

The company will be downsizing and focusing solely on its San Francisco market

The farmers market delivery service (though it self-identifies as an online grocery store) that made headlines in 2011 for raising $21-million in capital announced to heavy-hearted, empty-stomached Angeleno patrons that all orders placed after Wednesday will not be fulfilled. After a hectic two year run in in the city, which included a several-month dormant period due to some permitting confusion, Good Eggs will officially be bowing out of Los Angeles.

“The single biggest mistake we made was growing too quickly, to multiple cities, before fully figuring out the challenges of building an entirely new food supply chain,” CEO Rob Spiro said in a blog post. “We were motivated by enthusiasm for our mission and eagerness to bring Good Eggs to more people. But the best of intentions were not enough to overcome the complexity.”

Good Eggs will also be pulling out of New York City and New Orleans and will focus all its efforts on the original San Francisco-based operations. The company was forced to lay-off 140 employees in the process. Competition from other online grocery retailers like Amazon Fresh and Instacart was likely a factor in Good Eggs not being able to make ends meet. But, not all hope to support local farms is lost: There are still plenty of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs that deliver right to your door.

If you’re really missing Good Eggs, check out Freshology, L.O.V.E. Delivery, and FarmBox to get your farm-to-fridge fix.