New York’s Momofuku Milk Bar Is Coming to L.A. and You Should Be Very Excited

Christina Tosi’s sweets shop is making big moves

UPDATE: According to Eater, Milk Bar’s location will be the old Baskin-Robbins on Melrose near La Brea, with 4,000 square feet of space. Opening date TBD.

When I begrudgingly went to New York City last year for Christmas, the single best thing I ate was a spoonful of Crack Pie soft serve from Milk Bar. Smoked sablefish from Sadelle’s, pizza from Motorino, David Chang pork buns, that one veggie burger that everyone was obsessed with for a hot minute—nothing else I put in my mouth even came close.

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It was smooth and caramel-y and complex and at first it tastes too sweet then you realize it’s all an illusion created by a deep current of salinity juxtaposing sugar and salt because it finishes balanced instead of cloying and holy damn it’s just so, so, so, good. I never thought machine-dispensed ice cream could take me on an emotional roller coaster like that. But it did.

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And now, as Eater LA reported earlier this week, Milk Bar is looking for a place to set up shop in L.A. Get hyped (provided you like some of the most inventive and delicious and whimsical sweets that this world has to offer like cereal milk soft serve, salted pretzel cake, and chocolate malt cake truffles, but if you don’t just carry on doing whatever you were doing, I guess).

The details right now are pretty scarce, and basically all anyone knows is that they’re scouting for locations in L.A. right now, so don’t expect anything to spring up soon. Milk Bar has been a steady expansion kick lately, finally making its way out of the NYC bubble and landing in DC, Toronto, and there’s a location on the way in Vegas. Until the L.A. branch opens, I’m just going to keep getting my fancy soft serve fix at Magpies. There are worse consolations in this world.

The OG Momofuku Milk Bar is located at 251 E. 13th St, New York, but they have six other New York stores plus outposts in Toronto and Washington DC. Prepare yourself for their L.A. arrival by following them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.