A New Father’s Office Will Open in the Arts District Because Great Burgers Know No Bounds

And don’t you dare come near it with ketchup

The Office Burger is, pretty much indisputably, the parent of all gourmet burgers, and it has reigned as one of L.A.’s best burgers for 17 (SEVENTEEN!) years. With a medium rare dry aged beef patty tucked into an oblong bun, it’s topped with arugula, Gruyere and blue cheese, and a gooey mass of bacon and caramelized onions—and now it’s coming to the Arts District.

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Chef Sang Yoon—who is basically the patron saint of gastropubs—is opening a third iteration of Fathers Office this fall in the Garey Building, behind Hauser Wirth & Schimmel. That means Eastsiders will no longer have to go anywhere near the 10 to access Yoon’s signature combination of ketchup-free burgers and local craft beer, which is really a win for everyone (less vehicle emissions + more burgers = good).

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