Neal Fraser’s Five Favorite Dishes in L.A.

The chef behind Redbird, BLD, and Fritzi dishes on the city’s best dishes

You may know chef Neal Fraser as the kitchen frontman of Downtown’s Redbird. You may know him as the guy who tried to get you to eat a sous vide carrot in a bun instead of a hot dog (it’s actually pretty good) at Fritzi Dog. You may know him as the fifth runner up in Top Chef Masters season five. But, after today, you’ll know him as L.A.’s premier poultry connoisseur. Here are chef Fraser’s five favorite dishes in the city—and, yes, they’re all chicken. You have to respect consistency.

1. Chicken Liver Crostone at Alimento
“I have had a lot of chicken liver mousse, but Zach Pollack’s is super tasty.”

2. Butter Chicken at Badmaash
“I can eat it every day.  Well, maybe not every day, but once every two days. It’s satisfying, consistent, fast, and delicious.”

3. Three Cup Jidori Chicken at Pine & Crane
“Love this dish and the restaurant in general.  I love the whole garlic cloves, the chili, the texture of the chicken.”

4. Pan Roasted Chicken Gizzards at Bestia
“One of the best dishes I have ever had. Better than any gizzard I have ever cooked or eaten. I love foot that has a bite…toothsome. This is one of those dishes.”

5. Fried Roasted Cornish Hen with Pan Fried Egg at Blossom
“I think they put sugar on the skin.  I have literally eaten this dish 40 times. This is my daughter, Roan’s, favorite restaurant.”