National Pi(e) Day: Bludso’s Sweet Little Secret

An apple pie a day keeps the doctor away

It’s March 14th, also known as Pi Day—also known as An Excuse to Eat Pie Day. Silly food holidays aside, sometimes you find pi(e) where you least expect it. After a gluttonous multi-meat gorgefest at the new Bludso’s on La Brea, you might be tempted to forgo dessert. That would be a mistake.

The smoky rib tips, links, and barbecued chicken are mouth-watering (in both the literal and metaphorical sense), but Bludso’s apple pie is the secret stunner, like the VIP room of a nightclub you never knew existed. It’s all about the crust, and this one is buttery, flaky perfection. Once scientists figure out the wave-particle duality of light, they can investigate how a piecrust can be so rich yet so delicate.

If you want to conduct your own experiment, Noah Galuten, a chef, food blogger, and partner in Bludso’s, says that you can probably get a whole pie by calling far enough in advance. He should know. His mother makes the apple pie – which means that for Galuten every day is, potentially, Pie Day.

bludsos apple

Photography by Elina Shatkin