Nancy Silverton’s Ice Creams Are Now in Your Frozen Food Aisle

Nancy’s Fancy is being sold by the pint at all Gelson’s Markets

Now that ice cream has become L.A.’s (un)official favorite thing in the world, we’ve landed another frosty acquisition: as of this month, Nancy’s Fancy, Nancy Silverton’s new brand of gelati and sorbetti, is available in the freezer aisles of all Gelson’s Markets.

We’ve tried Nancy’s Fancy, and it’s some of the creamiest ice cream we’ve had in or out of a pint container. Favorites include Coconut Stracciatella with Bittersweet Chocolate Strands, a incomprehensibly vegan, coconut milk-based sorbetto striped with ribbons of dark chocolate; and the sherbet-like Frutti Di Bosco made with a combination of Greek yogurt and berries that hits that perfect not-too-sweet spot.

The very refined caramel-laced Butterscotch Budino, like the other flavors, is a take on one of Silverton’s most popular restaurant desserts.

“The Butterscotch Budino with Salted Caramel Swirl was inspired by our signature dessert at Mozza, Butterscotch Budino, an ultra-creamy pudding layered with caramel, sea salt, and whipped heavy cream,” says Silverton. “In our rich butterscotch gelato version, we add a swirl of caramel infused with rosemary, mimicking the flavor of the small rosemary and pine nut cookies we serve with the Budino in the restaurant.  It’s meant to contrast and enhance the sweetness of the smooth butterscotch.”

While the results are delicious, Silverton admits it can be challenging to maintain the nuances and quality of an artisanal product for the retail market. “Sourcing the highest quality ingredients while making sure they are available consistently and in the quantities needed to produce a product that always meets my expectations” is no small feat, according to the James Beard Award-winning chef. All of the ice creams are churned in Southern California and made with locally sourced ingredients.

So, are there any plans for a Nancy’s Fancy brick-and-mortar spot?

“We have considered it, but right now, we’re completely focused on making the best product possible for the retail business,” says Silverton.