Name Your Kid ‘Quinoa’ and Get $10K in BJ’s Food


Possibly knowing how harried writers and bloggers are, businesses are getting a lot more creative with their pleas for publicity. Case in point (besides Chevy) is BJ’s Restaurants, the restaurant chain specializing in American comfort food and beer. BJ’s brass announced today that they’re giving away $10,000 in BJ’s food to any parent who names their baby “Quinoa.”

A few caveats to this craziness: the contest ends on Labor Day (ha ha) and there’s only one winner—so should their be multiple lunatics named their kids the big Q, they’ll be vying for the big prize among all their peers.

Not expecting or willing to ruin your child’s life? You can change your first name on Twitter to “Quinoa” and receive a $10 coupon.

We should mention why BJ’s—which operates 163 restaurants, including three on the Westside—is doing this. The chain is introducing two new quinoa bowls (both under 800 calories). There’s the Roasted Chicken with Spinach Quinoa Bowl and the Roasted Salmon Quinoa bowl, with quinoa from Peru. Sounds yummy, but I guess bloggers like us wouldn’t write about it without a gimmick.