7 Essential, Must-Eat Ice Creams in L.A.

Because summer is here and we live in a city of ice cream wizardry

L.A.ā€™s ice cream landscape is rich with creative-bordering-on weird dessert concoctions. Sure, a classic banana split is cool, but have you tried a sundae in a sweet bun? Or soft-serve topped with butterscotch Rice Krispies? These L.A. spots are serving stuff you have to try.

1. The Milky Bun fromĀ Afters Ice Cream


The Milky Bun is a warm glazed doughnut-like sweet roll encasing ice cream flavors like jasmine milk tea. Cookie Monster, with cookie chunks, is as blue as its namesake.

2.Ā Avocado Ice Cream fromĀ Creams & Dreams

Santa Monica

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What would you say to avocado ice cream made with liquid nitrogen? What about the maiz con queso flavor slathered between two M&M cookies? All ice creams are available as affogatos at this Santa Monica scoop shop.

3.Ā Dragonā€™s Breath fromĀ Chocolate Chair

Los Angeles

The K-Town spot offers ice creams, fresh-fruit shaved ices, and coffee drinks. But itā€™s the Dragonā€™s Breathā€”fruity balls frozen with liquid nitrogenā€”that will have you blowing cold air.

4. Butterscotch Rice Krispies fromĀ Magpies

Los Feliz

Warren and Rose Schwartz swirl up flavors that change daily, such as yuzu-honey and vegan corn-almond. Among the childhood-centric toppings at this Silver Lake shop is Butterscotch Rice Krispies.

5.Ā The Babee fromĀ Honeymee

Various Locations

This cheerful SoCal chain concocts combinations of creamy soft-serve, fresh honeycomb and drizzles of raw liquid honey. The Babeeā€”a sweet bun filled with soft-serve and a topping of your choiceā€”takes dessert to the next level.

6. Halo-Halo fromĀ L.A. Rose Cafe


UbeĀ fudge and cookedĀ sabaĀ bananas top the kitchen sink-size halo-halo at this East Hollywood spot. Palm fruit seeds, jackfruit, andĀ dulce de lecheĀ ice cream are a texture riot.

7.Ā Cotton Candy Sundae fromĀ CottonHi


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First, take a picture. After all, this is no ordinary ice cream sundae. Itā€™s a cultural and architectural wonder, brought to you by a bright and airy pastel-hued K-pop parlorā€”its huge front window plastered in neon-colored liquid-chalk graffiti.