Here Are the Dishes Angelenos Have Been Ordering Most During the Pandemic

Peek inside your neighbors’ delivery bags

Angelenos have a reputation as a healthy, clean-eating crew, so you would think that, as global pandemic set-in and we sheltered in place, we would be keeping ourselves sustained by placing delivery orders for salads and juice. Not so, says new data from Postmates. Instead, while hidden away in the privacy of our homes, our top orders were fried chicken, burgers–and, of course, the ever-essential La Croix.

Here were the most popular delivery orders placed on Postmates in Los Angeles from March to June, 2020.

Top Restaurant Orders
1. Howlin’ Ray’s, The Sando
2. Sweetfin, Build Your Own Bowl
3. Dave’s Hot Chicken, Sliders with Fries
4. HiHo Cheeseburger, HiHo Double Cheeseburger
5. The Bigg Chill Frozen Yogurt, The Big Chill
6. Tatsu Ramen, Bold Ramen
7. Howlin’ Ray’s, Wings
8. Dave’s Hot Chicken, Tender with Fries
9. Tacos Gavilan, Taco
10. Fat Sal’s, Fat Texas

Top Fast Food Orders
1. Chipotle, Burrito Bowl
2. McDonald’s, French Fries
3. Panda Express, Build Your Own Plate
4. Chipotle, Burrito
5. Shake Shack, Shackburger
6. McDonald’s, McChicken
7. Jack-in-the-Box, Two Tacos
8. Popeyes, Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo
9. Chick-fil-A, Nuggets
10. Blaze Pizza, Build Your Own Pizza

Top Grocery Store Items
1. Banana
2. Half Dozen Eggs
3. Avocado
4. La Croix
5. Strawberries
6. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Pint
7. Tomato
8. Apple
9. Lemon
10. Chicken Breast

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