Morning Bite: Dave Whitton is Back, Brittney Turnquist Leaves Farmshop, and More

Revolving kitchen and bar doors

West Hollywood: In addition to Cavatina, its new restaurant, the Sunset Marquis has three bars. Manning those bars is none other than barman Dave Whitton, who was once with one of our favorite bars, Villains Tavern in the Arts District. He left L.A. last summer to open Frauds and Swindlers with barman Aidan Demarest down in San Diego. As of last week, Whitton is back in L.A. and turning back time on the Sunset Marquis’ infamous Whiskey Lounge. In a few weeks, he’ll be revealing a redesigned bar program fit for the faces framed on the hotels famed walls.

Venice: Also on the bar front, Matthew Biancaniello—who’s responsible for the cocktails at Plan Check—has left his consulting gig at FEED Body & Soul on Abbot Kinney. The restaurant is going through a rebranding process, says the cocktail chef, and though he enjoyed the job, he’s again focused on finding his own place somewhere on the Westside.

Brentwood: Pastry chef Brittney Turnquist helped open gourmet foods haven Farmshop several years ago. She’s now moved on and pastry chef Jeff de Leon has taken her place. He’s baking a similar selection of fine desserts and rustic pastries.

Pasadena: Bittersweet Treats, a pastry and ice cream shop, opened in Pasadena just over a year ago. At the helm was pastry chef Danielle Keene. In December, Keene left the shop. Taking her place is head baker Alixzandra Anderson, reports Eater L.A.