Monday, Monday

Three Monday-appropriate tidbits to whet your appetite for the rest of the week:

Sunday supper? Been there, eaten that. On August 22, Melrose Italian favorite Osteria la Buca is launching its new Monday one-pot-supper series. Each month (future dates TBD), chef Jason Neroni will feature a different single-dish creation served family style to highlight the communal aspect of Italian dining. Well, that, and the dishwasher is off Mondays. (We kid!)

The healthy fast-casual chain Freshii opened it’s third L.A. location downtown today—Monday—and to celebrate they’re handing out free iced tii (we’re pretty sure that’s the same as iced TEA) to anyone who mentions the password “tii-riffic” between now and August 21.

Also opening today, Michael Cardenas’s (Lazy Ox, Aburiya Toranoko) Fat Spoon, which is serving a VERY Japanesey fusion of curry and Italian pasta. Opening anything with noodles nextdoor to famed ramen shop Daikokuya is bold, but we think this will go over well with the Little Tokyo crowd. The chef behind the stoves—or woks, or pasta tongs—is Hiroyuki Fujita (formerly of Hamasaku).