Modern Farmer: Coming Soon to a Newsstand Near You


Which high-design chicken coop best fits your growing urban farmstead? Will adding citrus peels to the feed of your suburban backyard goat improve milk flavor? Three hot Asian seed varietals that’ll have market goers begging for more.

These are the types of articles I imagine we’ll be seeing in a new magazine launching this spring, Modern Farmer. From the same folks who brought us Monocle, the hipster foreign policy publication, and edited by a crew that includes Reyhan Harmanci, formerly of BuzzFeed, Modern Farmer describes itself as  “a print quarterly and website devoted to the people, policy, animals, plants, and technology around farming and food. We like to talk about the weather.”

If our Intolerable Foodie, Joel Stein, lamented the famous farmer frenzy before, just wait until this baby comes out. I suspect it’ll be a bit like GQ meets Farm Journal (the fashion spread could be in GQ already) and really, I think it’ll do gangbusters. What percentage of subscribers will actually farm and how many will merely lust after the agri-lifestyle the same way we gawk at modernist villas in Architectural Digest? I’m not sure it matters. (And I’m part of the latter.)

Harmanci says they’ll have a full landing page up later this month and the print edition will hit stands beginning the first half of 2013. In the meantime, I’m getting my pitches ready. …How to start your own goat farm in Glassell Park? I’m all over it. 

While we wait, follow the budding mag on Twitter @ModFarm