Mission: Gingerbread Men


Boy, the folks at the Lazy Baker sure made the rounds. Pat over at Eating L.A. tired her hand making oatmeal cherry raisin cookies with their “do-it-yourself kit.” Last night, I tried the gingerbread mix.

I’m not sure the term “lazy” is totally appropriate. I still had to whip butter, add vanilla, an egg, and molasses, mix, form dough into a ball, chill it for an hour, roll it out, cut it with the enclosed cookie cutter, bake the cookies, cool them, and decorate them with the enclosed icing. That sounds like good ol’ regular baking to me. The little man-shaped cutter did save me a trip to the store, though. Having something on hand that you can whip up on a whim is always nice.

The best part: they’re pretty foolproof if you follow the directions and they taste super homemade. I dunked mine in a little holiday cocktail mixed up in honor of “getting the tree” night with peppermint schnapps, vodka, simple syrup, cream, poured over crushed ice and garnished with a York peppermint patty. (Make this!)

Yep, it’s officially Holiday time.