4 Refreshing Mint Chip Ice Creams to Try Around Town

Here’s the scoop on four creamy varieties you won’t want to miss

Dessert maestros are scooping up fresh takes on this classic flavor. Here are four we love.

Fresh Mint Chip from Sweet Rose Creamery

Fresh spearmint leaves from Kenter Canyon Farms—rather than spearmint extract—give this scoop a more herbaceous flavor. “We steep the spearmint leaves in the base and infuse for a few hours,” explains kitchen director Jen Bolbat. “Then we give it a little blend to bring out more of that fresh minty flavor.” $5.75, 2726 Main St., Santa Monica.

Freckled Mint Tcho-colate Chip from Salt & Straw

This vegan version’s coconut cream base works especially well for the flavor. “It stands up to the mint and balances out the intensity in a way that I don’t think a more mild dairy base would,” says owner Tyler Malek. $5.50, multiple locations.

Milk, Mint, and Chocolate from Fatamorgana Gelato

This gelateria boasts that it uses all-natural ingredients, including a chocolate sauce made with premium cacao that’s stirred into a frozen minty base. It freezes on contact to create unique streaks of chocolate. “That’s why we do not call it ‘mint chip,’” says owner Alessandro Jacchia. $5.75, 12021 Ventura Blvd., Studio City.

Dirty Mint Chip from Coolhaus

A brown-sugar base and flecks of mint leaves make for a unique iteration. “When we were first testing ice cream in the very early days, we ran out of white sugar, and we were too lazy to strain the mint leaves,” explains cofounder Natasha Case. “The lesson is laziness leads to innovation!” $6, 8588 Washington Blvd., Culver City.

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