Mini Bao Buns

Wolfgang Puck shares his main ingredients

Photograph by Jessica Boone

Cucumbers and Scallions
“I put these in for crunch and flavor. I think it’s always good to pair the flavor of scallions with pork.”

Bao Buns
“Steaming the buns to order is really important. They are very delicate, much more so than bread because they don’t have the crust around them to keep them moist.”

Plum Sauce
“It’s hoisin-based sauce and also has a little bit of plum wine, ginger, and a few Korean peppers.”

Pork Belly
“If I had used pork belly 20 years ago at Chinois, people would have said, ‘I won’t eat that!’ We place it underneath the broiler, where it puffs up almost like popcorn.”

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