Michael Voltaggio Opens ink. Tonight


It’s a big night For Michael Voltaggio, the Top Chef winner’s first solo restaurant, .ink, located in a lead-colored former sushi bar on Melrose, seats its first guest this evening. Reservations have been booked solid for the entire month, and if the crowds that gather at ink.sack, Voltaggio’s recently opened adjacent sandwich shop, are any indication, ink. will continue to be the toughest reservation in town.

Voltaggio has been nebulous about the cuisine, hinting only that the menu will not be separated into categories and that the food, as he told Laurie Winer in our April profile, “will be what I feel like cooking.” That’s fitting for a restaurant whose motto is “expect the unexpected.” (Seriously, that’s the motto.) The pressure is high, but for a chef who has passed through the bright lights of some of the city’s top kitchens, as well as those of reality television, he seems poised to take on the hype. We look forward sampling the cuisine for ourselves—once we get a reservation.

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