Mescal Oyster Shooter

An oyster, booze, and extras make for a fun hors d’oeuvre—in shot form. Chef Kevin Napier of District shares his main ingredients

Photograph by Jessica Boone

Salt Air
The dollop of salty foam on top gives the look of a frothy head on a michelada. It also complements the brininess of the oyster.  “You have to take the whole thing in one gulp. If you sip off the top, you’ll just get salt.” 

“With tequila you have that back-of-the-throat alcohol burn, but with mescal you taste the smokiness and more agave flavor.” Don’t worry about getting sloshed—there’s about half a shot mixed with lime juice in the glass. 

Cocktail Sauce
The zesty house-made variety includes a splash of bourbon. “I believe it’s a Dutch thing. I thought it sounded really cool, and it gives a little kick.”

The variety you’re tossing back depends on what’s in stock at the oyster bar. “I love the Kumamotos out of Taylor Bay in Washington. They have a lot of minerality—it’s almost like you can taste the shell.”

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