Meet the Bloggers: Randy Clemens


All this week we’re celebrating the debut of our four new Digest blog contributors. Sure, we know about their accomplishments, their publications, and their resumes—but who are these fine foodie folks, reeeeally? We asked each a few probing questions to find out more.

First in the hot seat is Digest associate editor and sideburn connoisseur, Randy Clemens:

What’s your favorite restaurant right this minute?
I’ve gotta go with Mohawk Bend. The menu is so well thought out, and there are a TON of options for vegans and carnivores alike. And besides a nice full bar, they’ve got an impressive craft beer selection, with 72 taps to choose from. (NBD…) And everything they do has a great emphasis on local and organic.

Your favorite guilty pleasure restaurant or bar?
The Foundry on Melrose. I try reaaaally hard to keep on a vegan diet, but there’s something about Chef Greenspan’s grilled cheese that throws my morals right out the window. (Sans short ribs though… I don’t give in completely.)

Your restaurant standby?
Hugo’s. Any time. Any day. 

It’s your last meal on earth—what are you having?
An insane mishmash of Vietnamese and Thai dishes, headlining with about a dozen lemongrass tofu banh mi sandwiches from Mandoline Grill, pad see ew from Sanam Luang Cafe in North Hollywood at 3am, and every style of Korean side dishes (banchan) you can fit on the table. Plus I’d need a mountain of kimchi and several bottles of Sriracha to wash it all down.

Default bar drink?
If we’re not counting beer, then a gin & tonic or a (gin) martini. Unless it’s Sunday, in which case I’m having a (gin) Bloody Mary. 

Any hidden talents?
I sing in a barbershop quartet and play baritone horn. (I was a TOTAL band geek in high school.) 

Coffee or tea?
SUCH a loaded question! I drink more tea simply because I pound kombucha, but there’s something about a killer cup of black coffee (or better yet espresso) that just can’t be topped. A recent cuppa at G&B Coffee in SQIRL completely reconfirmed this.

Beer or liquor?
Yes please! 

What’s the last thing you ate?
A big plate of veggies and crackers with some homemade baba ghanouj. 

What do you hope to share with us on the Digest blog?
Food matters. Where it comes from, how it’s grown, how it’s made, and how you enjoy it. We’re living in a lucky time, where there’s more information easily available than ever before. Let’s put it to good use, connect with other like-minded folks that care, and stay hungry for what tomorrow brings. (I’ll also be discussing craft beer and veggie dishes quite a bit. Hooray!)