Meet the Bloggers: Bill Esparza

Bill Esparza

All this week we’re celebrating the debut of our four new Digest blog contributors. Sure, we know about their accomplishments, their publications, and their resumes—but who are these fine foodie folks, reeeeally? We asked each a few probing questions to find out more.

Next up in the hot seat is Mexican food master and tequila aficionado Bill Esparza:

Favorite restaurant or bar right this minute? 
My favorite restaurant these days isn’t a restaurant. It’s the Mercado Olympic, where I can find excellent Mexico City style street food, shop for Tolucan chorizo and grasshoppers from Puebla, and slurp fresh-squeezed orange juice loaded with raw quail eggs. 

Favorite guilty pleasure restaurant or bar?
Club Classico in Tijuana. It’s a bottle service club, where for $100 a bottle, I don’t mind at all pouring Grey Goose and cranberry from above my head while the ladies shake it to some Pitbull.    

Your restaurant standby?
Fogo de Chão. My first experience at a Fogo de Chão was in São Paulo, and with a couple of caipirinhas to start, my standard pairings from the salad bar, another pass of fraldinha and picanha, and a few off-menu items from the kitchen, I’m right back in Brazil. 

It’s your last meal on earth—what are you having?
A long lunch with friends and family at Popotla Beach, Baja California with deep-fried spider crabs, sea urchin, abalone, pismo and chocolate clams, sea snail, and grilled yellowtail. To drink: Sancerre and micheladas!  

Default bar drink?
Tequila 7 Leguas Blanco.

Any hidden talents?
Devastating Frisbee skills. 

Coffee or tea?

Beer or liquor?

What’s the last thing you ate?
Tijuana chef Javier Plascencia’s prix fixe menu at Test Kitchen

What do you hope to share with us on the Digest blog? 
While no restaurant can please everyone, I promise to show people the best places to eat for different styles of Latin American cuisine and beyond, right here in our own backyard.