Meet L.A.’s Superfoodies

These people eat more—and better—than you do

How many times have you eaten at Providence? Is it close to 100? Do you dine regularly with top critics nationwide? These folks have. Here’s how and why a handful of Superfoodies eat better than everyone you know:

Superfoodie #1: Scott Burau

Claim to Fame: A prolific consumer of food and food media, he dines regularly with top critics.
How it Started: “I grew up in Oklahoma. When I went to college outside Philadelphia and tried sushi, that was it.”
Funding: He works for the financial consulting firm Deloitte.
His Must-Hit List: Sapp Coffee Shop, Night + Market, A.O.C.


Superfoodies #2 & 3: Manny & Willette Klausner

Claim to Fame: They’ve eaten at Providence more than 70 times, but that’s just the beginning.
How it Started: “We used to cook a little, but now we like to leave that to the professionals,” says Manny. “It’s best to let them do their job.”
Funding: He’s a lawyer; she’s a theatrical producer.
Their Must-Hit List: Bestia, Maison Giraud, République


Superfoodie #3 Linda Garcia

Claim to Fame: She dines out most nights of the week—whether at Son of a Gun or a taco stand—there are no repeats.
How it Started: “I grew up poor, eating potato tacos every night, and I’d dream about trying new things. Now I can.”
Funding: She works in Latin America Digital Content Operations for Netflix.
Her Must-Hit List: Guelaguetza, La Cevicheria, Lucques

Illustrations by Sonia Yeck

These “superfoodies” are four of the 25 L.A. “Food Lovers” featured in our November, 2014 Food Lovers Guide on newsstands now