This Hamburger Has a Pizza Bun Because Progress Is a Many-Splendored Thing

Introducing: Meatzza

UPDATE: The restaurant has changed its name to Meatzilla.

L.A. is home to many beloved food hybrids. We have the pokerrito and Korean tacos, of course. We even tried sushi donuts (OK not beloved but damn it will you look at those things?) What’s the next big mashup? They’re very subtle, very nuanced, it’s a place called…

MEATHEAD!, a new burger joint in DTLA (646 S. Main), which is doing for burgers and pizza what Tay Tay did for pop and country. Every MEATHEAD! burger has the option of “meatzza” style with a pizza on the top bun. That’s right – a pizza on top of your burger.

The Eastern Burger

MEATHEAD!’s big, tasty burgers are piled high with Korean, Japanese, Mexican, and California flavors. They aren’t burgers so much as meat cakes between two buns – or one bun and a pizza. MEATHEAD! specializes in, you guessed it, MEAT! So all the burgers are made with super high quality Angus beef.


The Korean-style burger, named the Kim Park Lee (three very common Korean surnames), is stacked with bulgogi and sautéed kimchi. Order it meatzza style and you’ve got yourself a tribrid: a burger, pizza, and Korean BBQ all in one.

Kim Park Lee Meatzza Burger

We have the pizza technology. We have the burger know-how. The time is NOW. Bless you, MEATHEAD.

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