Meat, It’s What’s for Dinner: L’Assiette Serves Melrose Soon

There’s only one thing on the menu at this brasserie

There will be only one main course on the menu at L’Assiette when it opens later this month on Melrose, and it’s a pretty plate of steak with French fries. Jacques and Marc Fiorentino are the father and son team behind this new brasserie. They’ve joined up with Mary Anne Reyes (who previously operated The Colonial Wine Bar in the same space) to create a French dining experience on a trendy strip in Mid-City near West Hollywood.

When it opens later this month, L’Assiette will serve a prix-fixe meal that begins with soup or salad and a baguette. The main course—steak frites—follows. After a cheese course, finish the meal with some dessert. It’s a simple dinner for those times when you don’t want to make a decision beyond rare, medium, or well-done. L’Assiette, 7166 Melrose Ave., Melrose, 323-274-2319 or